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Disaster Restoration

24/7/365 Emergency Response Experts
Water, Mold, Fire and Environmental Damage
serving Atlanta and Surrounding Areas

Water Damage

Whether a pipe burst, roof leak or from a storm , we are available 24/7 to act fast and prevent further damage to your property.

Water Mitigation

It's important to respond to water damage immediately to prevent secondary and long term damage to your property. We can help!

Mold Damage

Do you have visible mold, have a musty odor or have health issues you can't explain? We can help detect, remove and prevent mold growth.

Mold Remediation

To properly remove mold, you need to understand what caused it and how to treat it. Our team of expert, using state of the art equipment, can remove and prevent it mold growth

Fire Damage

Once the fire is out, clean up begins. We can help clean up the damage caused from fire, smoke, soot or water.

Fire Damage

We understand the complexities of fires and we are prepared to restore your property from damage caused by the fire as well as smoke, soot, water and potential mold

Flooring & Installation

Whether you are restoring damaged floors or simply remodeling, we offer a wide variety of quality flooring including hardwood, carpet, laminate and tile.


We offer some of the best flooring brands and styles in the industry with competitive pricing and quality installation.


When it comes to water damage, time is of the essence to prevent secondary damages. Call us immediately and our customer care representative will guide you through the nexts steps. They will ask you a series of question to best understand the damage so they can prepare the dispatch team before they are onsite. Be prepared to give the following information:

  • Name 
  • Phone Number
  • Address of the Water Damaged Property
  • When did the water damage occur?
  • What caused the damage? (Pipe burst, roof leak, etc..) 
  • Insurance Claim #  (if available) – Our claim specialist can guide you through the claim process and assist with documentation. We can also help work directly with your insurance company to help expedite your claim. 
  • Is electricity available on-site? 

Once on-site, our mitigation expert will inspect the damage and make sure the source of the water is stopped. Next, we will identify the type of water contamination so we can assess the processes required to restore your property. 

Types of Water by Category:

  • White/ Category 1
  • Gray / Category 2
  • Black / Category 3

 We will also survey the extent of the damaged property using moisture meters, hygrometers and other state of the art equipment to understand the extent of the damage to the property and assess any safety concerns. 

Once a work authorization is signed, we will begin immediately extracting water from the affected areas with industrial strength vacuums which will help reduce drying times as well as help prevent mold growth. Content will be moved or packed out to prevent secondary damage. Carpets and padding will be assessed for removal if needed. 

To remove the remaining moisture, our team uses a mixture of temperature control methods along with specialized equipment including dehumidifiers and air-movers to dry out the hard to access areas. We will continue to monitor the floor and walls’ drying process with moisture meters to make sure we meet the ideal drying level. 

Once dry, the team will clean and sanitize the hard surfaces as well as use air scrubbers to eliminate any odors that may remain. Based on the extent of the water damage and type of water, we will also apply an antimicrobial, antibacterial or disinfectant treatments to the property. We will remove and dispose of any damaged materials confirmed by your insurance adjuster for removal. 


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