Water Damage Repair in Stone Mountain, Tucker, Greater Atlanta Area, Snellville, Lawranceville, Norcross and surrounding areas

Water Damage: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly
When it comes to water damage cleanup, the longer you wait, the higher your risk for increased secondary damage leading to more extensive repair time and cost! Above All Cleaning and Restoration can help you by providing emergency service, arriving on site under an hour.

If you have wet walls or ceilings, a flooded or wet basement, signs of water damage, mildew or mold, call us and we will dispatch our professional team members immediately.


Above All Cleaning and Restoration Services is certified by all the major Insurance Companies to assess and repair flood & water damage in your home or business. Check out what State Farm says about water damage cleanup in your home and how to prevent secondary damage.

Even if you are not working with an insurance company, we will provide the best industry pricing for the services you need.

When did the water damage occur in your building or home?

Here are a few things to keep in mind when you have experienced water damage cleanup needs in your home. When the water damage occurred can be a determining factor as to whether it is an emergency call or not to prevent further secondary damage or health concerns to your family. The most critical course of action in water damage cleanup and restoration is to respond quickly, but if the date of loss was two weeks ago many considerations must be addressed first.

If our crews can't gain access into your home until tomorrow for instance, due to many different variables, what will be damaged has already been damaged. At times though this is not true, as example recently we cleaned up a flood in a basement that kept creating more damage as the problem source of water was not stopped. The flooding had began in an upstairs bathroom on the first floor of a million dollar home. The home owner was out of town, so they did not know that their best investment was being slowly flooded. The water began to flood the bathroom and then find the pathway of least resistance, and in this case it was trickling down the walls and stairwell and finally reaching the basement floor. The water had over a period of a month reached every part of the basement and then had begun to soak up the walls into the sheet rock. The damage had been extensive enough to find it's way down several walls from the upstairs bathroom or source of the problem. So by the time the home owner had identified the problem, their home had sever secondary issues requiring immediate water damage cleanup.

Even after 48 hours it can be unsafe to enter into the home and if after 72 hours, mold growth can begin, so one must be careful not too take such matters lightly. If anyone in the home shows signs of respiratory problems, mold remediation must take place, and any signs of mold growth must be found. In this case fortunately the home owner was away for an extended period of time. So timing is critical in determining which category of loss water damage cleanup efforts will need. We inform the insurance company of all traces of damage and provide industry standard diagrams of the dimension of your home, delivering exact locations of all water damaged areas in your home.
Above All Cleaning and Restoration Water Damage Cleanup Services will help you with:

  • Removal of Property
  • Storage Services
  • Water Extraction
  • Drying and Dehumidifying Flooded Areas
  • Assessing Flood Damage
  • Deodorizing
  • Mold Removal and Prevention
  • Complete Property Restoration
  • Direct Insurance Billing