Fire & smoke damage clean up in Stone Mountain, Tucker, Greater Atlanta Area, Snellville, Lawranceville, Norcross and surrounding areas

Fire and Smoke Damage CleanUp Done Easy, Done the Above All Way!!!
Fire and Smoke Damage cleanup can be physically and emotionally devastating, and draining. The restoration process can be overwhelming emotionally and we understand. If it is a small fire and you feel cleanup can be done by yourself then you might want to read over this information to see if you do need a professional to come out and look at your situation. It is our pledge and promise to treat your family the way we would want our family to be treated. We extend a helping hand in this time of need. Our crew members are constantly being trained on the most effective and up to date fire and smoke damage cleanup processes. Above ALL offers advanced certified and professional fire damage restoration in Atlanta metro Georgia.


1. First things First: Assessing the Fire and Smoke Damage Cleanup Job in Your Home or Building
Oh no! This is not the fun part, you have to look through many precious valuables while being scattered and tired. Don't worry, We assess the extent of structural damages and then determine what type of smoke has caused the damage to create a recovery plan. When a home has had these damages often times fire and smoke damage cleanup is no fun task, and that's why we at Above All Cleaning And Restoration treat your family the way we would want our family to be treated. Respecting all of your precious memories and working hard to salvage each and every one of them.

Here's some of the way that smoke can damage your home or building.

Wet Smoke: Usually associated with smoldering, carries a particularly pungent odor, and is sticky and smeary to the gloved hand.

Dry Smoke: Is usually from fast burning, high temperature fires.

Protein Based Smoke: Invisible, but badly discolors paints and varnishes; also carries a very pungent odor.

Fuel Oil Soot: Is usually caused by furnaces when they “puff” back smoke, causing oily, hazardous soot.

Other Types of Residues: Fire extinguisher residues also need cleanup.
2. Odor Removal & Deodorizing
Above ALL uses both Ozone generators and advanced thermo-foggers for their fire and smoke damage cleanup techniques. Thermo-foggers produce a hot thick smoke that destroys odors, and will neutralize particle sizes as minute as .25 microns, reaching into cracks and voids in surfaces touched by water and moisture. After treatment, the interior will be more pleasing than before the damage occurred. Ozone generators, which produce pure ozone gas, permanently remove the odor and kill germs without harming furnishings, not cover them up.
3. Surface Cleaning
Above All employs specialized EPA-approved smoke odor solutions to clean hard surfaces like walls, cabinets, floors, and appliances, and to deep clean textiles like carpeting, upholstery, draperies.
4. HVAC Sanitization
Av advanced Hepa-Vac uses 3 different filters to purify: charcoal, micron provides 99.7% vacuuming efficiency at .3 microns to ensure removal of all smoke, unseen bacteria, and mildew in ventilation systems.

We serve All of metro Atlanta for Fire and Smoke Damage Cleanup!

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